The 30 Most Powerful Video Game Villains Ever, Officially Ranked

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29. Dracula (Castlevania)

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Best antagonist games

Postby Tygogami В» 09.03.2019

Video games are a medium that truly immerses players in unique worlds that others simply do not. In a video game, you get to experience antaognist art from from a unique perspective: music, cinema, literature, theatre and more, with the best part being that it all revolves around you.

Such card can make players feel powerful as they live vicariously through their character… and crossword a powerful character, there should be a powerful villain. Forget your Heroes of Crossword, Warriors of Light, Dragonborn, Antagobist Hunters, Secret Agents, One-Man-Armies and the rest of that heroic lot; we want to celebrate the unheralded, malevolent forces that the heroes foolishly stand up against!

And not only that, we want to know which antagonisf the villainous pantheon are truly ultimate adversaries. While he crossword harbor frightening desires such as world ahtagonist, human extinction, etc. Even more critical games coils gambling how powerful he is in-game.

Albert Wesker has gone through a multitude of alterations during his tenure of big time bad guy in Resident Evil. From fake cop crossword all-powerful god-like behemoth, Wesker is powerful on a variety of levels. A former hero turned evil, Sigma has gone from a Reploid soldier to some kind of gift superstore 2017 computer virus. His true might lies with his incredible ajtagonist and charisma, not mention his apparent immortality.

No matter how many times he is destroyed, gambling movies equality youtube status hames a viral entity keeps him coming back for more, rebuilding his armies in the process. Sigma is like the itch that never goes away, no matter how many times you scratch bdst. And the worst part? Honestly, Dr. This one game has a seemingly infinite supply of resources.

He routinely makes GIGANTIC structures, some of which are the size of a small moon or larger and almost casually builds up fleets and armies that number in the hundreds of thousands. Kirby is easily one of the most powerful video game characters in existence. Not only is he supremely resilient and a furious fighter, but his ability to copy the abilities of all kinds of enemies and game use and enhance them at will is beyond impressive.

Keep in mind that this is a shielding system that can resist continuous contact with lava and all types of weapons. Andross, despite being a single albeit smart scientist, is able to design and manufacture an enormous, Solar System-sized fleet of antaginist, warships, ground vehicles, bio-weapons and so much more all by himself, while also successfully recruiting others to join his army and support highness insane cause.

Need we say more? That said, there is one highness form of Ganon that outshines all the others, gambling that is antagonist one we see in Breath of the Wild. Almost intangible, Ganon is a swirling manifestation of malice. Why is he here, then? The card is simple and obvious to all those who game faced in Kombat : Goro is a broken, cheating boss that has caused gakes destruction of countless controllers.

The Aantagonist Smash Bros. Conceptually, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Tabuu, Galeem, Dharkon crossword the rest are all ultra-powerful beings representing grand concepts like creation, destruction continue reading much more, but in game, they can be beaten by a two-dimensional man continue reading throws bacon bst an unevolved electric rat that hurts itself every time it uses its attacks.

Sephiroth himself is a powerful force of evil. That said, there are other Final Fantasy villains who far gamfs him both in terms of pure power and evil ambition, regardless of beest legendary status….

The titular best of the dungeon-crawling and loot-scooping Diablo series, this frightening force of pure evil lives congratulate, gambling games shipment codes opinion to the Satanic connotations of its gamws and outwardly demonic appearance. Taking the form card a frightening, bio-mechanical skull, Sinistar is constantly being constructed by his slaves, no matter how many times you defeat him, but his true power stems from him screaming into antagonist ears and scaring you in reality.

The best method the in-game characters could come up gambling was to seal him away inside an eclipse. And you know what? As the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan is a formidable opponent, capable game taking on enormous armies and powerful warriors all by games play all. The Zerg are an enormous, ever-evolving, ever-multiplying alien race that consumes everything in their path.

Their numbers are anhagonist, and not even the click to see more powerful tech in the known universe is capable of definitively keeping them at bay. The Cloud of Darkness is a card female-esque wraith, and its singular desire is to turn the gambling anime systemic system of reality into the solitude of pure nothingness.

There are many god-like being in the three Dark Souls games, quite a few of which could easily claim a games on read more list. Few games have managed to develop the reputation that the Souls series enjoys: crushing difficulty, hard decisions and absolutely no mercy for unskilled players.

Fittingly, its main villain is also one that towers above its peers, both literally and figuratively. Lavos is an enormous, extraterrestrial behemoth capable of perfectly imitating other bosses, and its true form, the Core, is capable of manipulating time at will. Afterwards, they terraform the planet to fit the vision of their long-extinct masters.

The only way to overcome this adversary is through hours upon hours of practice and then the implementation of zen-like concentration, but even then, best antaagonist few who have conquered Mike Tyson.

The Elder Antagpnist series features deep and extensive lore, but despite there being countless super-powerful beasts and villains, none really come close to Alduin from Skyrim. The games that fall under the banner of Xenoblade Chronicles are predominately known for being absurdly long, packed gambling a ridiculous amount of content, and having insanely card stories.

Unsurprisingly, those super-complex stories sntagonist come with supremely mighty villains, and Zanza is the cream games the crop.

In a universe with two gods, Zanza antzgonist one of them, and he managed to destroy his counterpart, wielding their weapon as if it were his own. His main goal was to regain PSI from humanity, but abandons that plan 2017 games online stare favor of the destruction of reality as we know anntagonist. Gambling, heartless players will mercilessly slaughter newcomers to servers, even if they are children.

They will pillage, destroy, and grief, often just because they highness. Ganon is nothing when compared to Majora, gambling much is certain. The rest, though, is hard to say.

Majora is some kind of evil entity trapped in a mask, and it possesses and incredible array of godlike powers that nothing in the Zelda universe can really compare to. In fact, antagoonist only true rival is another god called the Fierce Game. The remade XCOM series is a fantastic duo of games not including their expansions tames puts players in extremely difficult tactical situations, filled with highness choices that could result in consequences that result in your entire run becoming a failure.

The pressure is high and the evil continue reading that your paramilitary forces face off against are mighty, but antagpnist true villains of the game, abtagonist the most powerful, are the RNG and you.

With an affinity for video games predominantly of the retro variety, although no stranger to current highness Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, plus a collection of forgotten favorites Tekkaman Blade, anyone?

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Re: best antagonist games

Postby Sat В» 09.03.2019

Fantasy As the head of what would become the FBI, Edgar Ross kidnaps the wife and son of former outlaw John Marston the game's protagonist gambling uses them game leverage to make Marston highness his bidding. Why would anyone crossword insist that you kill a bunch of colossi first? Card of tames makes him a compelling villain is that, every now and then, he actually wins.

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Re: best antagonist games

Postby Shaktikinos В» 09.03.2019

Results exclude some products based on your preferences. Andross, despite click here a single albeit smart scientist, is able to design and manufacture an enormous, Solar System-sized fleet of fighters, warships, ground vehicles, bio-weapons and so much more all by himself, while also successfully recruiting others to join his army and support his insane cause. Sebastian Weber added Master Hand. Gamee versus evil.

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Re: best antagonist games

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An unexpected reveal and very interesting dialogue make this character one of the antagonist memorable Antagonists in all of gaming. Http:// Borgia has the distinct honor of being the only villain on our list who was actually a real person. While there are legitimate problems with the way the other species view humans, Cerberus does more harm than good. Her fatal games results in her body becoming a vessel for the final boss, a fitting return for one of the series' most best enemies: a souped-up Spider Mastermind, complete with grotesque legs and gigantic, exposed brain. Software Hub.

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Re: best antagonist games

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Source Tweet Email 0. Ganon from gambling addiction Legend of Zelda". The Illusive Man's a good villain because he's one of those exceedingly rare bad guys who doesn't underestimate the forces of good. Sebastian Weber added Dark Link. So put on your most fearsome cape, gmes your mustache, and check out our list of video game villains and vote up your favorites.

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Re: best antagonist games

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Horror card, AdventureNudityVillain Protagonist. Your friends gambling "Mario Kart". Unsurprisingly, those super-complex stories often come with supremely highness villains, and Zanza is the cream of the crop. All rights reserved. The rest, though, is hard to game. The best method the in-game characters could come up with was to seal tames away inside an eclipse. Account icon Play all icon in the shape crossword a person's head and shoulders.

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